Friday, January 25, 2008

Unrealized Love………………..

waited 5 years, 5 years of hiding, barely wishing that I might experience the depth of love I had felt before. Not sure I wanted to take the risk of being that vulnerable..and possibly face the pain of rejection that had driven me away. .Then, it just happened. Taken totally by surprise, by a being who seemed to want to fly away with me, to a place untouched by many…that place where untouchable love resides.

I called for love, real love, you answered.

The facade , so well lived by you for years, so practiced, so in place, it was impossible for awhile for me to see it was not real.

But for a while it did not matter. You reflected back to me all I wanted to see. Your mirror, while not made of truth, was so intoxicating that I could not leave. I believed, what I wanted to believe…..real love was back.

The shattering of my illusion once again became unrealized love. But do you know what?

I Would Not Change A Thing.

For in your reflection of the love I have inside of me..that love where I throw out all caution and put you in the position of My Goddess, where I experience my true self.

I now see the beauty of my naivete…the beauty of this I reclaim now so that I can move ahead and do it again.

For as we know, it is so much better to have loved and lost 1,000 times, than to close down and not believe in the reality of true love again.

Thank you.

Because of this experience, I am so much clearer…so much more in love with me…so much surer that real love…realized love, is mine for the asking.

Mine for the basking in.

Join me won’t you?…Release your doubt, your pain, your resentments…and just be the vulnerable, real, true, excited person of that love that you already are.

You are The God, The Goddess of Love…in human form. Slow down, and make the decision with me today to fly to the moon and do it again. And again if necessary.

Love, Peace, David

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