Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dealing With Financial Adversity

A client who I have worked with on and off for years sat in front of me today in despair, shock and sadness. Another seeming catastrophe had just been laid upon his lap, and he was not sure he could handle more.

Over these years, he has experienced great success, but in his eyes, fleeting, the type of success that brings short term joy, as it has been then followed by more and more challenges.

So now, the 4 homes are gone. His job was just eliminated, no severance pay, 30 days worth of savings, with no idea of where to turn to get back on track with his career.

And, are you ready for this? He's also trying to recover from his bankruptcy of last year...meaning he has no credit reserves to help him out.

He knows he's not the only one in this situation, but it brings little solace to his racing mind.

So he comes to me for the answers, which in turn I give back to him and ask him in the next 5 minutes to come up with a plan to solve his situation. As a coach, my job is to help people uncover the immense wisdom that they have inside, just ready to come out.

Here's what he devised:
1 Pray more every morning and nite, to be guided on what to do next each day.
2 Have his resume updated in 48 hours.
3 Email 5 people a day and ask them for contacts that he can approach with his new resume.
4 Get back in the gym for 30 minute workouts each day.
5 Write out his gratitude list each day for what he is thankful for.
6 Write each day to the contacts he receives , asking for information about job openings that they might have.
7 Ask for assistance from his friends, feedback, and to be held accountable to his own search.
8 See if any of his friends need help or support in their lives..give back daily.

I'd say he;s on his way to a totally new life...and I'm so happy to see the wisdom he had within.

Slow Down.

Love, Peace, David Essel

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