Monday, August 25, 2008

Can Time Really Heal?

"Don't worry honey, in good time you'll get over this breakup."

"Time will heal you."

"A little time , and everything will be ok."

All nonsense.

Have you ever fallen victim to this thinking, and then years after a breakup, or divorce, when someone mentions your former lover's name, you get a pit in your stomach? Or worse, you feel anger, jealousy, or insecurity?

That's because time will never, has never, and can never heal anyone or anything.

Time is just what it is...time. It has no magical powers to do anything other than be itself.

And one thing it never will be is a healer.

Sure, you can distract yourself from doing the work to forgive your former lover, or distract yourself over time from forgiving yourself, lots of people do it daily.

We can choose not to feel the pain from losing a pet, or a family member ....but you will not truly feel better and heal yourself by using the old saying "time heals everything."

Here's the truth...Time plus action heals.

Time plus therapy can heal.

Time plus journaling can heal.

Time plus honest, deep forgiveness can heal.

Time plus mourning can begin the healing process.

Time, plus any significant , ongoing action, or work, can absolutely heal anything in life.

Millions of survivors can attest to, and have written about, this very fact.

Viktor Frankel.


Nelson Mandela.

Sheri Poe.

Slow Down, and decide today to do the work necessary to heal...but don't leave it up to time.

Love, Peace, David Essel.

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  1. I am struggling with this myself and though I try to be strong, I feel awful , hurt and even angry.
    I spent so much of my time on a relationship that was never good for me. I find myself trying to understand this but can't.