Friday, August 1, 2008

Is Life Working For You??

A client recently came to me frustrated that after following a very popular weight loss program, nothing had changed with her physical appearance. When I asked her how long she had been on the program, her response surprised both of us. "One full year".

Wow. I wonder how many of us, myself included, continue to do the same thing year after year , getting the same lousy end results in our love relationships, health, finances, career , friendships etc .... and yet never want to ask ourselves the question "Is my life working for me?"

And the reason we don't is quite simple. We don't want to change. We don't want to go outside of our comfort zone. We just want life to be easier, more abundant, more loving .

Poof!!!!!!, we just wish, with that thought...Poof!!! , please life just change!!!

HaHAHA, I must laugh as I've done the same thing.

Ok, here's our reality check, if life is not offering what you desire, if life is not working for you, try something totally different.

But you have to be the one that finally comes to the conclusion that the life you're living just is not enough. No one can do that for you.

Then, reach out and ask for help. Get a counselor or coach. Go to a different church. Join a new networking group. Hire a personal trainer. Finally, finally, get out of the rut and do something different.

And watch your health, body, relationship, and finances all begin to change for the better.

Slow Down.

Love, Peace David Essel

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  1. Hey David! That's so great about Joe! I know he's been an amazing influence for you. And I want to congratulate YOU on all of your recent TV and radio work. You're truly an inspiration and you're lighting a beautiful path for many. Keep it going my friend!

    Lee Witt