Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joe Cirulli, Inc. Magazine, Success Feature Story

My very good friend, and business mentor, Joe Cirulli is featured on the cover of INC. magazine this month (August 2008) with the headline:

"THINK RICH, NEVER GIVE UP...How Joe Cirulli turned his last 12 cents into a $17 Million company"....amazing...and true.

I met Joe in 1986 at a fitness conference where we both on an expert panel together and it was a feeling pure of admiration that I had felt for Joe at that time...and I had no idea of the story behind the man that had turned a small health club in Gainesville Florida into such a success story.

And that was 22 years ago. What he has accomplished since then is stunning, from a financial perspective yes, but Joe is a born mentor, a true motivator, and a man filled with 100% integrity.

In 2000, I moved to Gainesville to create a new pilot program for television, and had the chance to train with Joe 5 days a week . He not only changed my mindset on the most effective way to weight train (super slow training as I explain in my book "Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want") but he also imparted on a daily basis his secrets to success. Goal setting. Eliminating those carry over tasks , the ones we do not want to do everyday, that if done first thing in the morning will actually lead you to a more successful life .

Joe shares his life, his "secrets", his time on a daily basis more readily than any other business wizard I've ever met.

And he loves life. He loves movies of all types. And he continues to push his own level of knowledge , in a variety of ways , every day he is alive.

He reads constantly, he listens to motivational Cd's constantly, he's a part of multiple networking groups for CEO's...constantly. I think you get the idea, to be successful we must stretch and grow daily.

And he has a huge heart. Joe has been there for me several times that I have faced immense struggles in my own life, and never has he judged... As a matter of fact, all Joe has ever shown me is immense respect and love.

So, while his financial success is amazing...the rest of Joe Cirulli is even more amazing.

Slow down, and push yourself to higher levels of success and love in every area of your life today.

Love, Peace, David Essel www.talkdavid.com

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