Sunday, May 24, 2009

Powerful Speaking and Presentation Skills

Anyone who truly wants to become an average, good or great public speaker can develop the powerful speaking and presentation skills needed to do this in just a few short weeks, if they truly desire to change.

I know without a doubt that the two most important skills that we all need to develop to create a more successful life are :

1) Polished speaking/communication skills

2) Enhanced writing/communication skills.

We recently ended my 3 week Public Speaking Certification Course at Florida Gulf Coast University and the results were nothing short of dramatic. People who were literally petrified at week one of getting up in front of ANYONE and speaking for ten seconds, we holding the audiences attention with thrilling two minute speeches in just 3 classes!

As they prepare for their final 10 minute presentation, I see a class that has grown together, and an increase in self confidence that will last a lifetime.

"David's Public Speaking Certification course not only gives you techniques for sound and stimulating public speaking, but can help you build the confidence to do it with ease.

From the elevator speech to the lecture hall, David will guide you through the processes that can help you tap into your innate ability to use your voice, your words and your passion to deliver your message in a way that will engage and enthrall your audiences, both large and small.

If you currently work in the world of non-profit, education, finance, healthcare or the service industries...this course will help take you and your organization to the next level. If you are looking for a career shift, David Essel's Public Speaking Certification through FGCU is a powerful way to enhance your job prospecting opportunities. "

Please vist for more information on the next class at FGCU. If you'd like to work with David in person or over the phone to enhace your own speaking and communication skills, visit our site or call him directly at 941 266 7676.

David Essel has been a professional motivational speaker and presenter for over 24 years and is the author of, Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want (Hay House Publishing 2004). His clients include fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, American Express, Nestle, Lifetime Television, Chico's, March of Dimes and many more.

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