Sunday, May 31, 2009

Risking it All for Love: Never Play It Safe

As we examine the reason for our existence on planet Earth, it has become easier to see over the years that it truly is all about the quest for love, and with this as the conclusion for the reason for living, we should never play it safe when it comes to exploring the path to love.

Over the past 24 years, I have worked with so many people who were filled with resentment at a former partner, or a parent, and while hanging onto the anger at someone who could not love them, lost their own ability to love. They became isolated from the heart down. Bitter at the opposite sex. They created all kinds of excuses as to why it was better to be alone, then even try their hand at love again. They played it so safe when it came to love, that they missed out on the whole reason for living.

We are here to love. To love ourselves, yes even with all of our faults, and then to love another. And if that doesn't work, another. And another. And then another. You see there are no reasons to stop growing in love, to stop taking risks for the ultimate prize:love.

Love offers no guarantee that it will last, yet it is the "Holy Grail" in life. The love a dog shows it's owner is simply perfect. The smile that naturally grows as you are about to see your baby as it wakes up. The excitement that comes in a new relationship, the anticipation of the first kiss of the day, abounds in love.

Never playing it safe also means loving someone deeply even when they don;t return the favor immediately. It means dropping the scorecard in love. If they haven't returned your call, you call again and leave a beautiful message. You ask for their help in picking up the dishes after dinner, and then do it yourself if their own anger at any issue between you stops them from helping. Instead of playing it safe, and dropping back in your giving of love to your partner when they have decreased the love they are showing you, you keep on loving at the level you were meant to: full out love.

What I'm discussing here is radical to the small ego. The side of us that wants to be right versus kind. That wants to play it safe instead of loving unconditionally.It's time to love for the sake of loving. It's time to go out and date, right now, instead of waiting for years for your heart to heal. The victim mentality that follows a nasty breakup, or unkind treatment should not stop us from the freedom real love brings.

If you are hurting from love, get help, then get back in the game. Whether you're 20, 50, or 90, love for the sake of loving. Love for the sake of living, after all, it's the only reason we are here to begin with.

You can play it safe when you're dead, but since you're reading this right now, risk looking like the fool for love. Live ,live with passion, abandon, and love. Live, love for your hearts sake now, as well as every living being on this planet. We all need to be inspired, by you. Don't let us, you, or your partner down. Live with love now.


  1. David you are awesome. Thanks for your blogs and reminding me to slow down, stop and remember to love myself. Thanks BT

  2. Ahhhhhh.... You are the one that got away. I should have risked more when you were in my life!