Tuesday, June 15, 2010

60 years of Marriage: How do you do this?

So many of my friends have asked me how my parents, who just celebrated 60 years of marriage, did it.
Well. let's see what they had to say, about this question. 

Hi Dave, thanks for all the congrats from your friends. We don't know of any secret formula to  a happy and log lasting marriage.  It is what you make of it. Remember, 60 years  ago life was much simpler than today, but this is what we tried to live  by:
Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should be entered into with that in  mind.
You should truly care for your partner, treat them with respect and try to  make them happy.Decisions should be mutual.  If you cannot agree then agree to  disagree.  Do not hold a grudge.
You need to give each other space at  times. Absolutely no arguing in front of children. 
Be sure to understand your  partners position and discuss the problem and compromise when possible.
To  paraphase: Do unto your partner as you would have your partner do to you.If you  throw a rope over a house and each get on an end and pull you won't get  anyplace.  But if you both get on one end and pull you can accomplish your  goal.(this piece of advice came from Grandpa Loughlin)  Hope this helps, M&D
I love you so much mom and dad!!  the fact that you took the time to write this for my friends, and me

says everything about you both!

slow down, love, please share this with your friends, david

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