Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Amazing Story of Healing. Enjoy


The following letter describes so poignantly the power to heal that resides within, an amazing story of true healing, . . . just waiting to be coaxed to the surface and put to work. Read this letter at least twice. Toni's description of her experience really is beautifully written. As you look at your body today, I hope you'll take it less for granted and really appreciate all that we do have. Thank you Toni for opening our eyes to all that you have to teach us, including the importance of the human connections in one's life.

Dear David,

It's very interesting, this world we live in and how we all have our individual stories on God and our souls. I was an entertainer in the Atlantic City area for all of my days and singing for a living can appear more glamorous than it really is. You can find yourself walking down the wrong paths many, many times. Until God says that was your last wrong turn.

One day I woke up and I could no longer feel my legs . . . interesting, since I kind of need them to sing and dance. I became "Dorothy" kind of like the Wizard of Oz character and I would almost become this character for about 3 months. Within 24 hours I would be paralyzed and pretty much blind. Not very cool. I felt like I was swept up in a big tornado and when I landed I was in a hospital bed . . . diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis. Soooo here's where life get real interesting. I had the coolest doctor in the whole land of Oz. He taught me imaging. I would picture myself Perfect. I also met a lot of characters along the way. Since I was soooo afraid I had to educate myself, that's where the Scarecrow came in. I needed a Brain, so i could learn everything I could to fight this stupid thing. Next, I needed Courage, I could never take another step again or face the world without Courage. Enter you know who, The Old Cowardly Lion. And finally I met up with the Tin Man, the very most important character. He taught me Love and Happiness and everything that is Positive. It's been 12 years, I walk, I run, I work . . . I LIVE and you know what ? I can't have a bad day. I just can't have a bad day anymore. I got a new lease on life and I'm living it, happily ever after, somewhere over the rainbow.

Thanks David for sharing positive thoughts and spiritual energy . . . have a beautiful life's journey my friend.

Toni Bocelle


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