Monday, June 28, 2010

Tea: The Next Power Drink

Tea: The Next Power Drink

What the Far East has known for centuries has hit our shores with a bang heard across the United States: tea is an elixir for great health, now known as a power drink.

From Tufts University to the Institute for Cancer Prevention, thousands of medical papers have been published over the past 10 years attesting to the benefits of this beverage. Regardless if you like it hot or cold, the outcome seems to be the same: a healthier immune and circulatory system.

To set the record straight, green and black tea all come from the same tea plant. Green tea leaves are not fermented, rather they are simply steamed. Black tea goes through a different process, where these same leaves are crushed and then fermented.

In an interview for WebMD, tea researcher, John Weisburger, Ph.D., explains that the power in tea comes from the extensive amount of antioxidants in this drink. Antioxidants are chemicals within our bodies that detoxify the cell damaging “free radicals” that have been linked to everything from cancer to heart disease.

Some researches believe that the reason the Japanese and Chinese suffer from less heart disease, and even certain cancers than Americans, could be related to their high daily consumption of tea.

Experts like Dr. Weisburger recommend 6-10 cups of tea per day in order to achieve the maximum health benefits from this drink. Of course, the addition of milk, cream and substantial amounts of sugar to any tea drink may counteract some of the positive effects this beverage offers.

During the next visit to your favorite restaurant, ask your server about the variety of teas that they offer and begin to experiment with this soothing and healthy drink.

Drink Smart. Drink up. Drink tea daily.

Peace, Love,

David Essel, M.S.
Author, Radio & Television Host, Lifestyle Coach

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