Friday, June 8, 2012

"Healing Prostatitis Wholisticlly: Part 2 "

Millions of men from around the world suffer from prostatitis, a condition that rarely responds in a positive way to traditional medical treatment.

Please watch this video from our first blog on this topic, then read below additional options to help heal this condition.

Since this video, I can share that one of the most effective treatments for this condition is something that sounds so offbeat, it just cannot work.

The Broccoli Treatment. Yes, you read that correctly.

Please visit http// for the specifics, but I can personally attest to it's effectiveness, even thought it may seem like a weird treatment to follow. For many, the results may not be felt for several if not many months, but it is worth the effort. .

Also, Prostat Plus by Karuna Corporation is a combination supplement that is effective for many, along with their progesterone cream.

This condition is emotionally draining, as well as physically painful. The healing process for me has been long and difficult, but by following the above video and other recommendations, I have seen a huge positive shift over the past 10 months.

Try to keep your mindset positive, focus on what you CAN do vs what you cannot do.

Pray, seriously pray every day for yourself, as well as for every other man out there suffering from this condition.

Prayer works.

Love, David 941 266 7676

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