Friday, June 1, 2012

"Life Coach Sessions with a 100% guarantee?"

Since 1991, when we began our Life Coach business working 1 on 1 with people from around the world, we have offered what no other Life Coach does, a 100% guarantee on our services.

And we mean exactly that: if you hire us, do all of the work and assignments that come with our goal setting procedures, and do not feel you have improved in the way you think, feel, or act at the end of our initial 8 week session, we will gladly refund your money.

And do you know, that since 1991, we have never had anyone who did this work, ask for a refund? Of course the reason for this, is that they did see improvement. They did see a change. They always received more from their money spent then they anticipated.

And, we humbly add, that is how our business has lasted so long. And that is why 90% of our new clients are always from referrals, from our past clients.

Here is a short video that explains a little about our life coaching philosophy. Enjoy.

There is so much more information on our coaching work at

We deal with all of life. From addictions to career, love to divorce, marriage to death, children to adults, sports to business, money to your health, fitness to communication and more.

Contact us today via our website or 941 266 7676.

We would love to help you accomplish the most important goal in your life, right now.

Love, David

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