Monday, March 3, 2008

Creating more time for you,The Illusion of lack

The number one complaint amongst my clients is that “I don’t have enough time to do all that I want in a day!!”…To meditate…workout…time for my lover..time, quality time for kids…to just sit and enjoy a sunset/sunrise…the list does go on and on..

But if I told you that this excuse about time, that there is not/never enough was an illusion….. not only one that you bought into…but one you strengthen every day that you mention it…could you wrap your head around the fact that you are creating this illusion about time every day you are alive???…

It is absolutely a fact…the lack of time in your life to do what you desire is an illusion. How do I know??…Because I lived the same illusion,. and at times still fall back into the trap…=)…until I catch myself and snap out of the “limiting mindset” that I just created!!!

Proof: If you checked your email just 2 times per day, 8am and 4 pm…you would save about 2 hours or more each day in wasted time..Can you imagine how much fun , how much you could get done with 2 extra hours per day , every day per week!!!..

Proof: If you stopped watching the news on tv every day…am…noon…pm…most people would have another hour per day…just for them!!!

Proof: If you only returned phone calls at 11am and 4pm each day…you’d save on average 1 hour /day of wasted time…

Proof..So far , if you follow my proven plan…you now have an extra “4HOURS PER DAY” to do all that you want to…that you think you don;t have time to….due to the illusion you bought into.

Slow Down. Create the life you want right now…Shatter your limiting illusions..and just have fun!!…=)…Love,Peace,David

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