Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stepping into Our Power….

I recently attended an intuitive workshop and walked away with a message I have heard 1,000 times before…and have had the opportunity to practice it daily, although I must admit that it sometimes slips my mind to do so. ” To be truly free we must be willing to step into our own personal power.”

So what does this catchy little phrase mean? It means we must be willing to be rejected by others if we want to be the powerful person that we are. We must be willing to go against the flow if the flow of life does not serve our hearts call. It means we must be willing to face rejection daily, and even reject our own long held beliefs about ourselves and life if those beliefs do not create joy and happiness anymore.

It means we may have to rock the boat more, not for the sake of rocking it, but because we have not been living honestly with ourselves.

Let go of the need for approval from others. Risk more often. Face the possibility of losing in love…for the chance to love. Of losing in our careers, for the chance of finding the passion in our work.

Slow down. Step into your own power today.

For if not now………..when?

Love, Peace, David

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