Friday, March 14, 2008

Trying to Forget…..

“All I want to do is forget that this thing ever happened. I just want to move on. I’ve tried to let it go, forgive, be at peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason….I’ve even handed it over to God now every day for 6 months and I cannot get it out of my mind. You’ve got to help me. “

My client was so frustrated that you could see her on the brink of tears, just like so many past men and women I have worked with. “Just make “it” go away” is the refrain I hear daily.

The good news is that ”it” will change form…….”it” will dissipate, become less of a thought in our mind, but only if we do the work. Handing “it” over to God, or saying I forgive you is only a portion of the work. While this might sound strange, the real work may be in the act of sitting with your anger, frustration, sadness or insecurity over whatever “it” is on a daily basis until you have truly felt the pain.

“It” can be the loss of a love, a job, a family member, a pet, a dream, a house, ….just about anything. If you find yourself unable to move on from a past experience, it probably is because we haven’t felt the deep feelings associated with this event. Because at first this can be uncomfortable, we run, hide from feeling this deeply.

The amazing thing is, that if we choose to go deeper within ourselves and create the space in our lives to sit and feel, the past experience will melt away….leaving us with a self resolution…and maybe even a lesson learned.

Slow Down. Feel.

Wishing you love and peace, David

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