Sunday, November 16, 2008


....... The world of success is , always has been, always will be, based on your action.

You cannot think your way to success. You cannot think your way to a deeper spiritual path.

You cannot think your way to deeper love.

A client of mine recently decided that she wanted a deeper connection with God and herself. And, she found it. How? By getting up at 4am to meditate every day. The changes in her life are SO profound, because she acted on her desires.

Another client tripled her income in 90 days following a course of action we created through my slow down coaching philosophy. How? She acted on the steps created. Every day, for 2 hours each nite after she had put in a full day at work. . For 90 straight days.

Whatever you want to accomplish has to be followed by daily action steps. If anyone tells you differently, I would question their motives.

Act, Now, to create the life you desire. And tomorrow too.

Slow Down. Go after what you truly want in this lifetime today.

Peace, Love, David Essel.

ps..starting in early December, we will be offering our Life Coach Level 1 Certification, The Foundations for Life Mastery, via teleconference phone calls that you can be a part of from anywhere in the world!! We look forward to having you join us. Act. Now.

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