Sunday, November 23, 2008

Investing in Yourself as a Path to Abundance

Whenever a client I'm working with creates the desire to become more abundant, the very first step to look at is how they are currently investing in themselves.

Abundance in this sense is often tied into financial abundance, but it honestly can relate to any type of abundance at all. One might desire a greater abundance of love...time...happiness, as well as or separate from money.

So, how are you currently investing in yourself in order to create greater financial abundance? Are you creating a budget recall plan to see where your money is being spent each week? Are you working with a financial planner, or life coach? Are you taking any personal growth courses? (Remember, these courses do not have to be directly related to enhancing your finances to get you thinking and acting in a more abundant way, which will ultimately enhance your overall abundance. ) Are you currently reading any books, listening to cd's, or watching dvd's on personal growth?

Each of these activities , if you are doing them on a regular basis, would prove that you are investing in yourself and would absolutely lead you to greater abundance. We need to be investing in ourselves, in our own growth on a weekly, if not daily basis, in order to see a shift in our outer world.

Abundance in regards to finances takes the same energy exchange, intention and action steps that abundance in love demands. If you desire more love, you must put the time and effort into expanding your capability to give more love.

Simple isn't it? =)

Slow down.

Whatever abundance you desire, invest in yourself today in order to bring it into your life. Put yourself into situations that create the feeling of abundance, like looking at magazines that have photo's of beautiful vacation villas overlooking an expansive beach... if that is your idea of abundant living.

If you desire abundance, take the time to invest in your own growth, and watch it become your reality.

Love, Peace, David Essel.

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