Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creating love, now, here, forever......

.......So how is it that some people create deep love in their life now, right here, that lasts forever?

Let's look at a simple pathway to do just that....

1..Create an intention that you desire such an experience, in writing, starting with the words "I AM..."

IE...I AM in a deep ,loving, sharing, serving, love relationship as it appears through Universal Mind,or through God, on or before 9/1/09.

2..Create a written list of the people, animals, that you have in your life right now that you love, care about deeply.....and let them know this!

3..Create a written list of the action steps that you will take to put yourself in the "sight" of loves path. ......a..let 5 people know that you are open to the deepest of love

b...join social networking/dating sites and create a profile that states just that!

c..join a class/church etc that would have like minded people in attendance, and go every week!

4..Write out the personal character traits of the person you desire to bring into your, honest, communicative, religious/spiritual, artistic, funny,health conscious, single(no, I'm not kidding!), or whatever traits means the most to you. Put some serious thought into your answers for this question.

Know, really feel, and see in your minds eye every morning and every nite, that this is already your reality.

Enjoy, slow down, and enjoy this now....Smile!

And so it is..............

Love, peace, David

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