Saturday, August 29, 2009

Creating love: Lead with your heart, follow a plan

"When you told me that we would create a place for love to come into my life, by leading with my heart, but also through creating a plan, I really thought this sounded like way too much work. Ninety days later, I see the reality in front of me, and I am just blown away! Wow!"

Frank was somewhat skeptical when he sat in my office a few months ago, and we discussed his desire to create a beautiful love relationship. And yet, as he begins his walk into a new love affair, he is seeing the payoff to both his "heart work", and "head work". ( To see the plan we followed, please read our blog from two days ago, where we describe the steps of intention, gratitude, and action, in our quest for love.)

Over the past number of years, I have seen the same reaction from so
many clients. They are skeptical of creating deep love. They've been hurt too many times. They've been lied to and mislead in love. It may work for others, but they have just about given up on their own beliefs, that deep love can happen for them.

They have just reached the perfect stage of "surrender", and if they now create a plan and follow it daily, they have a fantastic chance to find the love within themselves, and another, that they have been searching for.

Frank was laughing hysterically, actually with a joy I had not seen in our months of weekly meetings. He was blown away, that by writing down the characteristics of the type of person he wanted to meet, (emotionally free of past relationships, happy with herself, a good communicator, fun, spiritual, free of habits that would cause a separation between them, healthy, honest, etc.)and putting a date next to these traits that they would meet by, (Sept, 1st, 2009), and then daily seeing their union in his mind, (visualization with emotion), that the possibility of deep love would actually appear in his life.

Yet, as they met for the first time, as he says, "there was an instant comfort zone that had already been created, we both felt we had been together for a very long time. All I can say is wow, this stuff really works."

The surprise to me every time I see this happen in my work, is "Why would anyone be that surprised? You've just created love on earth, by leading with your heart, (deep desire), and followed a plan." (Brought your desire into the physical plane by writing it down, and following it daily. )

Frank now has the ability, through daily surrender and service, to follow his heart, and watch the love he desires to grow. If his partner is on the same path, there is literally nothing that can stop the flow of love between two conscious, connected souls. Daily reminding each other of the unique love they have, and speaking about how to go to deeper, more open levels of communication, will be the fuel needed to flourish in love.

Slow down, create your path to love, with your current partner, or a new one if you are single today.

Peace, love, David

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