Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Erotic Kiss: A Lost Art

Do you remember when you first started dating, the passion you put into kissing, and even quite possible the erotic kiss? For many, it was called "making out", and these kissing sessions could literally last for hours. Your passion was so intense, so driven, that it wasn't just a kiss, it was a passionate kiss. Sensual. Yes, even erotic.

Over the years I have worked with many couples who complain about a staleness that has permeated their relationship.A loss of passion. And their question is always centered around ideas to bring that initial passion back.

To be quite honest, alot of the chaos and lack of passion in relationships can usually be traced to unresolved resentments. Usually both partners in a relationship where the passion has fizzled are harboring resentments that have built up over the years. If these issues aren't resolved, all of the sensual techniques in the world will not be able to save the relationship. The foundation has to be rebuilt, and then the passion may have a chance to return to it's initial glory.

For other couples who truly have minimal if any resentments, one of the quickest ways to bring the passion back is to begin to center their attention on the area it all started in when they first met: the kiss. The passionate, or erotic kiss has become a lost art with many couples who have been together for as short as two years.

Ask yourself honestly this question: Do we put as much energy , time and passion into our kiss as we did when we first met? The reason this is so crucial is because of the fact that the kiss, a slow passionate kiss , releases a barrage of hormones that elicits a bonding, passion and yes even a lust for our partner. The softness of our lips connecting, followed by our tongues, is truly one of the most erotic ways we can connect with another person. Take this away, and intimacy can become robotic in nature.

Talk with your partner about bringing back the art of kissing in your relationship if it has taken a back seat over the months or years you have been together. Then, begin slowly to explore each other with slow, focused and passionate kisses once again. Take your time and kiss each others cheeks, forehead, nose and neck. Slowly suck on each others lower lip, and savor the build up of hormones as you flash back to early on in your relationship.

Take your kiss then, and slowly go down their body, work around the genitals with erotic kisses, but do not actually kiss this area. Allow the tension to build as you kiss near, but not on, the genitals themselves. Work your way back up their body, until you've reached their lips once again. By now, you should be able to see the power of the erotic kiss, feel it's electricity, and bring that beautiful passion back to an all time high.

Slow down, and enjoy the ecstasy of the erotic kiss.

Love, peace, David

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