Monday, November 9, 2009

Creating the life you want: Part 2

Here are a few comments about creating the life you truly want.

"Surrendering to the will of God and the Will of the universe is the only way, aligning your will with these two will bring peace of mind and heart. Also knowing that sometimes there is redirection afoot as well which is trying to guide you to be doing something else, that is maybe critical to the long term goal is also important. The most important thing is never make it about you, in doing so the only thing we will create is blockages."

"I find great solace in going directly to God, in my awe of all that He has given me in life. Like your friend, I too have struggled, well I think the regular world would say that, in manifesting alot of money as I use my gifts to assist others. My peace comes from reading about people in the Bible who were given great gifts, yet had a hard time making it in the material world. Yet, they left others feeling better about themselves. Maybe some of us were'nt meant to have it all, maybe we should just live in gratitude for what we do have, regardless of how big, or little. Sounds good to me!"

"My path is filled with great gifts and great financial abundance, for at least the past 10 years. As I look at my life today, my gifts are here, but the finances are gone. Tell your friend to focus on the gifts, then he can help others no matter what his finances are today or in the future. "

My friend responds to the above responses.

"I have followed David's career for the past 10 years, and have been amazed at his attitude towards life regardless of what he has gone through. I came to him in my current situation because I needed to talk to someone i trust.....I did not need a rah rah session. When he asked if he could blog about this, i said sure, and now i know why. I needed everyone's feedback here, to help me see the prioritiy in life:, God, and His plan. I'll let go now, and follow His will. Trusting that the lessons learned, with or without the money i want will help me to help others. And in the world of resl estate, there are alot of people to help. " Jim

Slow down and trust in life, in God.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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