Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is life Slipping Away?

Are you fully immersed in life, or is it slowly slipping away from you?

Have you opened yourself up to the absolute beauty, the divinity that you are, or are you still in a place of self judgement?

Have you ripped open your heart, so wide as to love someone like you never have before? Fully vulnerable, fully transparent? Or in some way are you playing it safe? Not sharing your vulnerabilities, feelings, fears?

Have you pushed yourself to love someone back, accepting their quirks or small irritating habits, allowing them to be who they are?

Have you shared with them recently, that you love all of them?

Is it time to go after a new career, a new life, yet you feel filled with fear about the timing to do so?

Is it time to move, to experience life at a new level?

Is it time to devote yourself to God, but are fearful of how that might affect how others view you?

Is it time to let go of habits and addictions that have imprisoned you, yet you're afraid of what life might be like without these crutches? Like food, spending, alcohol, cigarettes ?

Slow down, and begin to experience the life you were meant to live. Do it now. with passion. With gusto. Right at this very second.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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