Monday, November 9, 2009

How do we create the life that we want?

In all of the work that I do, and have done, the question "how do we create the life that we want?" seems to be the theme of my clients lives. In my Life Coach Certification classes, we explore the human need to accomplish goals and create a path in order to do just that.

However, even with the most up to date plans and intentions, there are often periods in our lives where life just does not seem to be going our way. We can visualize success , we can join mastermind groups, we can attend seminars and read more and more books, yet we don't see any tangible evidence for our work.

A very good friend of mine with amazing business talents was sitting in front of me recently lamenting this very situation. "How, with all of the gifts God has given me, could I be in a business that I am so passionate about, that is not growing? After all of the planning, praying and work, could I be struggling so deeply? How can I create the life I desire, when everything is at a standstill?"

His questions reminded me of the lives of Abraham Lincoln and others who struggled greatly on their personal path to success and contentment in life.

As I looked at his plans, and discussed the work he has done leading up to this very point in his life, I saw the answer quite clearly.

There was no human, no worldly answer for his situation. Yes , great people can hang out on the vine to dry with seeming no rhyme or reason for it. And yes , there is a reason for it, although the reason will not make sense to our material world.

Many people have spoken a great truth when they said, "I guess it's on God's timeline , not mine." If you believe in God as I do, and as my friend does, this somehow is supposed to make us feel a little better. We still have to continue to move forward in faith, knowing that there must be great lessons for us to learn in the process of slowing down, of knowing that there is a greater plan for us than we could possible know at this very moment.

Faith, resolve and trust can be greatly enhanced when we use them to their full extent when we are frustrated by the lack of success in life.

Depending where we are on our spiritual path, is how we react to life when we are not getting it the way we think it should happen. If we are deeply into the path of love, trust and faith, we'll go to doubt but for a short period of time. We might become frustrated for a day or even a week, then we'll surrender to "what is." We'll release the python grip that we've created on life with our expectations, and start to flow with, rather than fight, the life we are living.

We might surrender and spend a day in prayer, asking for the power to accept the things we cannot change. We might get out of our heads, and fill our minds with gratitude for all that is going well, as we become what we focus on all day.

By following these two simple yet powerful steps, we create the life that we want instantly, as we have just created a moment, hour or day of inner peace. Wow, what a beautiful experience.

Acceptance is not a cowards way out of life, but rather the path of the spiritual master.

Slow down today and find the life that you want to create sitting right in front of you. Look for love, peace and you will find your world there. Look for doubt and worry, and you'll find your world there as well.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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