Thursday, August 14, 2014

Greedy, me, Greedy you? Greed kills.

~~~~~ GREED~~~~~( a tip from David's blog)~~~~~~. I never consider myself a greedy person, as a matter of fact, I don't think anyone who's greedy really does realize the depth it goes….Around 2007 I was working with 70 real estate agents a week, as a business coach, a part of my life I absolutely love. We were on fire…… Houses, that my clients were selling from around United States of America, were on fire…… Agents were making more money with our work then they made in the previous 3 to 4 to five years combined…… On fire is exactly what we were….Because of my intense work with agents, I was coming upon deal after deal after deal of amazing purchases….the idea ran through my head why don't I get into the flipping game….Or if not the quick flip, the long-term flip…… After purchasing my first and then second-home I was in the process of going after a third….And these are not small level entry homes… I was maxing myself out, and the mortgage industry was applauding everyone of my moves…… At that time it didn't register that I was being greedy as hell .And the end result of greed, is, karma …… It always comes back….d and it did in a hell storm….Before I knew it I was so under prepared for the financial obligation, and the renters that I so hope would be racing to take up my Properties for a few years at least before they's I sold them at a very high profit margin… Were becoming scarcer and scarcer…… I think most of you know the end of the story. It wasn't until I woke up and looked at the mess I got myself into…… All because of greed….That I begin to heal. And what a painful healing path….Since that time I've worked closely with experts like Harv Eker , and others who are masters in the world of finance.….Marleen Payne….And others will helped me not just resurrect, but build an empire once again….Not in the real estate industry, but in the industry that I know and love so well that of personal growth…… Many of you reading this have probably been in the same situation, don't repeat the past. For those who have never been in that type of financial overload, learn from those of us who walk before you, so that you don't go down the path agreed ….humility is a great teacher. I know I've learned and will never return. If i can help you with your financial situation, like many others who helped me, let me know. Stay humble. Release greed. I remember greed comes in many many forms. Greed destroys our self confidence and self esteem.Sending you my love for success and happiness, David

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