Sunday, August 24, 2014

How do you save a lost marriage? Avoid divorce?

A client just sent in this response to her work with David. Pass it on.

"An email for David from a client... "David David David… Those were the thoughts in my mind when you gave me an exercise to do that almost made me throw up. I'd come in four weeks earlier trying to get validation from you to divorce my husband of 25 years. We had hit the rocks. Many times. I was over it.

And out of the blue, you have me doing all these writing exercises on what our relationship would feel like if it was back on track when we first met. You told me to go home and write for Seven straight days……… Of what our relationship would look like on a daily basis hour by hour if it was going great. He told me to create an illusion of my own mind, that my marriage was saved, that we were doing awesome stuff together on a daily basis. I thought you were nuts .

I must tell you ladies and gentleman who read this, this guy has a knack for getting intuitively into the nastiness of a terrible relationship and helping us to turn it around. I can't believe I'm writing this. It worked.

Just recently, my husband came to me and apologized for being a jerk for 25 years. He said I know you're working with someone, do you mind if I come in. I need help. Tears ran down my face. This wasn't the man that I knew, but David said there was a chance if I pretended that all was well, and quit being a bitch that I was, that my husband might turn it around.

Oh my Lord. We are on a path of rediscovering each other. I just wish people would slow down, look at this man's talents, and hire him. The world of divorce would diminish. Some of the stuff he tells you to do seems wacko, but somehow, and I don't know the reason, every exercise he's ever given me eventually works. " Rosetta, Georgia

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