Thursday, August 21, 2014

David Essel Alive! Saturday, August 23rd iHeart Radio Guests

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, on iHeart Radio, streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:
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Dr. Devi
Are there genes for suicide or is it a physical brain malfunction, or mainly tied into emotional reasons? Robin Williams, Ernest Hemmingway, and thousands of others take their lives annually.  From Dr. Oz to David Essel Alive, Dr Devi knows.

Twitter:  @devichechi 

RenĂ©e Mollan-Masters  
Author/Developer of You Are Smarter Than You Think.  Could it be that we all learn in slightly different ways, and for each of us to tap into our full potential, it might mean to simply find the method of learning that is best for you? Renee will show us the way. 

Facebook: You Are Smarter Than You Think

Lee Daniel Kravetz

One of the Authors of SUPERSURVIVORS: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success.  Beginning where resilience ends, SUPERSURVIVORS examines the stories and science behind cases where trauma survivors don’t just grow, they revolutionize their lives. Having survived, these individuals radically deviate from their previous life paths.


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