Sunday, August 10, 2014

How do we awaken?

Dare to read...... =) =) =)  ***** ONE PATH, To Awakening...................."The supreme path to awakening, is found always within. It Is when we tap into our own  nature, the gifts given, and manifest, maximize our potential in this world… Then love explodes..................... And inner peace explodes. And the outer world will do whatever the outer world will do. We can't control the outer world, but as you manifest a beautiful power within you, which is known as God, you start to realize, that life does not have to be the struggle. The struggle that it is. Struggle that it has been.

But this awakening, takes extreme work at first. It takes reading the work of  Joseph Murphy, Muktananda,  and others, on a daily basis. It means doing the uncomfortable.  Tasks that the small ego does not want to tackle.

 It means rising above the current situation  and living in the exact opposite way. Let me repeat that. It means living in the exact opposite way that you are right now. In that moment, that day, that month, and the 12 months after… You will experience what it means to be in love with yourself. To see life through God's eyes.

 If you and of course me, and everyone else, knew we are Gods manifestation on earth, we would not waste a moment of the precious gifts he is given us. Of the teachers around us. Of the struggles, that should awaken… Not push us further down.

So the time is here whenever any of us want to change. It is really a choice. It comes down to a moment by moment Choice. Will I read something healthy? Will I schedule my next day? Well I do that which I don't want to do? It is  doing  what you don't want to do, that the most successful people, the Saints, the millionaires, the bodybuilder competitors do daily…

Achieve greatness. It's in that same space of doing what we don't want to do that we become incredible parents, outrageous lovers, and more importantly than all of this,  finally at peace with ourselves. " love, david

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