Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bringing Your Beauty to This World

I was sitting across from a client once, just knowing that she did not see the beauty , the raw power, that I was looking at. She was in a difficult place, remembering experiences that had temporarily stifled her beauty. I wanted her so much to get out of this “meek” persona that she had adopted as a big part of who she was. I wanted her to roar as the Goddess she truly was.

“Do you know who I see in you covered up by false beliefs?”…I asked. “I see Janis Joplin ready to rock!!!!” We both roared in laughter which brought her to a whole new energy level. “I see a beautiful woman ready to roar…do you see that anywhere inside of you?”

That was all I had to say. She got it. Every session now we at some point go to a place where she physically roars…where she raises her voice and lets the Goddess rock. Where she unveils her own Janis Joplin….and feels, in front of another, the power she has. As you can imagine, this is changing her life.

And the same can happen to you, but you must be willing to practice without fear or shame letting your inner voice become your outer voice. Get loud in your car. Use your inner power, through your voice, as you shout your dreams to the world. Shout and dance your way to freedom, personal freedom. And let your world become the one you’ve always wanted.

Slow down. Become the power, the beauty, you already are inside. Love,Peace, David

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