Sunday, December 2, 2007

Raising our energy levels…the real ones…

When people think about raising their energy levels, the first thing we often think of is the energy to do more things. That kind of energy. But there is an even more important energy level that we can all be raising on a daily basis that will bring more peace,love, joy and prosperity into our lives.

The energy level I’m talking about can be referred to as our consciousness….or our daily awareness….that can lead to making changes in our life almost instantly. While it’s a conscious choice to raise this type of energy that we carry, it can be done quite easily, almost effortlessly at times. Reading or listening to inspirational or motivational books and cds……..thinking affirmative thoughts throughout the day…going to a church service, or a 12 step meeting, all can instantly raise this type of energy, which will lead us to taking more positive action in our lives on a daily basis. Let me give you an example.

Yesterday I was reading a very powerful personal growth book that was describing the way people who are on a strong, conscious spiritual path choose to live. I was enjoying the energy I was getting from reading this, agreeing with what the author was writing and doing a self check to make sure I was making good choices in regards to my daily thoughts, which as I wrote here recently create the type of joy we either are, or are not, getting out of life. Our thoughts truly do create Heaven…or Hell…on earth for each of us.

When the author wrote about forgiveness, and letting go of past tangled or stressful relationships, I stopped for a minute and did a gut check. AS I did this, I realized that I was still holding onto a type of hurt and resentment from a past relationship that did not end the way I had hoped it would. Just the previous week I had picked up on some very negative energy coming from this person, and the very next day it was confirmed by a mutual friend that indeed “not so nice comments” were being made about me. At this very moment, I realized that I had one choice to follow in order to enhance my energy vibrational energy….my consciousness…and that was to do what my ego had resisted earlier…reach out to this very person in friendship.

You see when we do this, regardless of what the other person does, we rise above the “situation” and act from love, which is by far the strongest energy force known to man. As I sent the email requesting friendship vs animosity, my vibrational energy, my feelings about myself and EVEN this other person rose to a new level. And remember, this is critical, we must do this action WITHOUT a desire that they respond in kind…or even respond at all. We are doing this for ourselves, to heal ourselves, to drop the ego and act out of love. The facts surrounding who was right…or who was wrong… are meaningless here. And remember, as we heal ourselves, we are taking one step forward to helping to heal the world.

Slow down. Make the conscious decision today to raise your own inner energy level by letting go of past hurts, and start healing yourself by reading powerful and beautiful writings. Love, Peace, David

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