Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears……..Let’s think……….

Over the last few days I’ve heard a lot of gossip regarding the fact that this young woman is pregnant, and how terrible it is…and where was her mother in regards to bringing her up right ….how could a family let this happen….. etc etc…. Of course, there were more harmful comments made than the ones I’ve listed here.

I remember a few years ago a 14 year old girl became pregnant at a school a very good friends daughter went to. After the initial shock subsided, the young girls at this school asked the pregnant girl to come back and finish the year with them , instead of being home schooled so she would not have to deal with the stares and gossip. A true showing of love and support that emotionally moves me as I write this.

I think we could all learn alot from this example, and maybe remove ourselves from the office or neighborhood gossip, the late nite tv and radio jokes and instead act with love. A question we could all ask ourselves today would be a simple yet profound one. If this was YOUR 16 year old daughter, how would you want the world, her school and your neighbors to treat her and your family? The answer should give you insight to your life.

Slow down. Love, Peace, David

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