Thursday, December 13, 2007

“Do you ever get down?…..”

A friend of mine recently asked this question and it made me stop and think. “Why do you want to know? ” was my initial response. “Well, since you do all kinds of motivational stuff, I was just wondering if you actually got to hard places…or have you found a way to avoid being down”… was her follow up answer.

The reality is yes, just like everyone else on this planet I have, and do , experienced tough hours, days and maybe even weeks where things are not as I would wish them to be. But I decided a long time ago that these moments or hours would only be expressed to my “core ” group of friends, coaches and or therapists if I am working with any at this time. I believe that there is no real need to let anyone else know that there are difficult experiences that I am going through….and that by opening up to just anyone is not a healthy place for us to go to.

I also, know that there is great, immense and healing power that comes from writing about all that is great…and all that is challenging…in our life at any given moment. My first book “Phoenix Soul” begins with a chapter that is filled with doubt, pain and loss….the type of stuff that can truly be healed through the power of writing.

So yes, even us motivational people and teachers find discomfort in many of life’s challenges, but many have found ways to channel this pain, the ways that I have mentioned here, that allow us to still live a full and passionate life with those we interact with…without having to bring these experiences into these meetings and or relationships. I believe there is a true personal power that emanates from our soul when we decide to live this way.

Slow down to reap the benefits of living and authentic life with those closest to you, and to the rest of the world be the shining light of hope and inspiration.

Love, Peace, David

hy do you want to know

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