Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Personal Power

During one interview with an extremely successful author, I began to see that there was no need to put anyone above anyone else. I was broadcasting out of my home in Florida while my producer, Greg Bell, was in the main studio in Virginia. Shortly before we went on the air, Greg called the guest to let him know that he’d be on in a few minutes, and as always, asked if he’d like to hear the opening of my show to get a feel for what the program was about. The guest shot back with anger about how this interview was interrupting his day, and told Greg not to call him again until we were ready to start the interview. Greg, being a wonderfully sensitive soul, was hurt by the blatant attack by this man, who we’d both put way above us.

Greg didn’t have time to tell me what was going on, so we proceeded with the interview, which, ironically, was about healing, emotions, and intimacy. During the first break, while the guest was on hold, Greg finally told me the story. I was so mad that he’d been treated this way that we cut the interview short.

Of course, I had hundreds of exceptional interviews with very successful people who were just angels to me and everyone else who worked on the show, but as you can imagine, this wasn’t the only time an incident of this nature happened to Greg or some of my other producers. I’m grateful, though, because this situation taught me an important lesson: We need to be able to respect the success of others, but not give our power away to them. Ever since that interview, regardless of how big a celebrity a person might be, I have no interest in interviewing them if they treat people rudely.

Slow down and pay attention to whom you give your power away to–especially those people who you believe are above you in any of the ways mentioned–and begin today to see them in a new light. Be appreciative of their talents while keeping your own sense of self.

(Excerpt from “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want”)

Love, Peace, David

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