Saturday, February 9, 2008

It’s Not Time …

It’s Not Time

Sleep is evasive, fatigue surrounds me
I’m battling myself
And not sure why
I’ve prayed and hoped
for a breakthrough to lift
this unsettling feeling
These dark and embracing thoughts
I awaken to voices
that aren’t really there
Or footsteps inside
That cut my morning shower short
Out for a run to relieve this deep ache
Only to stop and feel the tears well up inside
Please lift this lid, release this pressure
My only hope is to stay in, to hide
Months go by, feelings get worse
Thoughts of ending this struggle begin to surface
To be peaceful, be free
Thoughts of ending this struggle appear very real
Talk to another?
But who will understand?
There’s no reason for these feelings!
There’s no reason for this pain!
Throughout life we are given lessons
Thank God I didn’t give up on this one
I reflect back to that point of despair
And look to help someone else who’s also ‘right there’

Release your darkness
Keep asking for guidance
If you look above they’re all saying
“Live! Live with Love!”

It’s not the time to change your destiny

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace”)

Love, Peace, David

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