Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dating : Part 2 Looking for Love, The challenge

I had a feeling that the first blog on dating would get a reaction from both men and women who are looking for love, and facing the challenges that go with the territory.

"So, if people do not call when they say they will, do you give them a second chance? is that the same as a physical no-show for coffee or a drink?"

"I feel very frustrated with the number of women who lead you to believe they are interested in dating, then disappear....without a return call, with no answer, after 1 or 2 meetings, they kiss you and tell you how much they loved the date..then poof!! you never get a response! what the hell is that???"

I think you now know the challenges of dating. If you're not in the game, you're probably thinking "Thank God!!" lol......

Let's look at my first response, that no shows of any kind are truly a blessing, that these people were not right for you.

Now, also think of this. Often times our outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts. So, if you do not trust men, or women, you may be getting this "poor treatment" by others as a reflection of your inner thoughts. You'll have to do some inner work to see what your real beliefs that now, be brutally honest with yourself.

And, make sure that you are not treating others, even subconsciously, as you are being treated.

Make sure your word to EVERYONE is solid, that You do what you say you will at all times.

Last, if how someone treats you does not feel right, let them go. Quickly.

Slow down, love yourself and others.

Love, peace, David Essel.

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