Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Resolution ...Solution

Year after year, I've heard the same desires being stated by both men and women from around the USA. "How can I finally find a solution to my New Years Resolutions?"

It seems a common theme. We have a tendency to repeat every year the same resolutions, maybe with a slightly different twist, but in essence the same ones.

"I'm going to...lose weight, quit smoking, save more money and enhance my relationships."

One of the biggest problems we face in regards to New Years Resolutions, is that we select more than one.

This year, let's get serious, let's become successful, and let's start by choosing just one goal to go after.

Choose the one you've been procrastinating on, the one that seems to pop up year after year.

The one, that as you read this you do not really want to go after. Yeah, that one.

The one, that once you are on the path to accomplishing, will offer the greatest benefits in your entire life.

The one that will force you to ask someone else to help you with.

Yeah, that one.

Now, in writing, set a path, specific, with a timeline, that you will hold yourself accountable to.

Hire a therapist, coach, trainer, nutritionist, minister...........................find someone with experience to help you.

Go to 12 step meetings, do whatever it is that makes you vulnerable, uncomfortable. Whatever you need to do that scares the hell out of you...just do it.

Make 2009 the year of YOU.

Get enthusiastic every day, force it at first if you must, but get excited. Let your passion sink into your being as you mentally see yourself successful in this goal.

Slow down.

Let's really do it this year.

Love, peace... David Essel


  1. Dear David,

    You said it very well and thank you for the wonderful advice last year and I look forward to the sage advise you'll offer us this year.

    I wish Much Golden Bliss and Success to you and everyone in 2009! :-)

  2. Invest in yourself for 2009 and Take Action.

    "There are many ways of going forward and only one way of standing still."

    By Franklin.Roosevelt
    Wishing you Happiness and Love.