Saturday, December 20, 2008

Radio Interview: Suze Orman, Financial Guru

Suze Orman, now known by most as the financial guru seen on her own television show, as well as heard on her radio program, was an extremely interesting and upbeat guest to interview.

What impressed me the most about Suze during our interview, was her background, and the trials she had gone through in her past to get her to where she is today.

Many may not know that a number of years ago, one of her assistants embezzled almost her entire life savings! After giving this person the responsibility of handling her business and income, she returned from a trip to find out the money, almost down to her last cent, had been stolen.

As she told me during this interview, that the lessons learned through this experience actually created the person she is today, both personally and professionally.

Her ability to forgive, and create steps to eliminate this experience from ever reoccurring in the future has made her into one of the most successful financial advice experts of our times.

And, her passion, energy, and love for what she does comes through in each and every interview I have ever done with her.

Slow Down. Learn from your own past financial choices, let them go...forgive yourself and anyone else you may need to in this arena of your life to create the future you desire.

Love, Peace, David Essel

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