Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power to Manifest Your Desires

In all of my work, from one on one sessions to the Life Mastery/Life Coaching courses I teach, the most popular question I'm always asked on day one is "How quickly can I learn to manifest my desires?"

It's a very powerful question, and one that I love to hear.

The power to manifest resides in everyone, at any given moment. But just because we can manifest, just because you have the tools to do so, doesn't mean that you will get all that you desire instantly.

And for 1,000 reasons, this is a very good thing.

But, if you follow the proven steps of anyone who has dedicated their life to this work, you will see what seems like miracles in your life. And, many teachers will have some similar, and some very different ways to manifest.

Within our course, we keep our system simple, yet the results are profound.

Healing miracles have occurred. Huge increases in income. Marriages headed for divorce have been saved.

What I tell every student of these courses is the same. Yes you will manifest some things very quickly, and others will seem to come much more slowly. But if you stay on course, the life experiences that you have during the "slow to occur" accomplishments will blow your mind.

Like the people you'll meet, or the love you'll feel from out of nowhere. Or the immense increase in confidence.

Go after your dreams, and along the way, remember this.

Let go of the end result. Stay in each moment, of each day. There you will manifest heaven on earth.

Slow Down.

Love, peace, David Essel

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