Friday, January 2, 2009

Radio Interview: Deepak Chopra

Whenever I interviewed best selling author Deepak Chopra, I knew 2 things would always happen: 1) That he would blow my mind with at least one new concept, or a new way of looking at life.. and 2) That he would be able to offer real life solutions to whatever the topic of the day was.

Deepak is one of the most fascinating men I have ever had the chance to talk with. Born in India, originally working in conventional medicine in a hospital in Boston, he eventually found his path lead him back to the many holistic healing methods that originated in his native country.

From explaining quantum physics to creating a deeper connection to God to the benefits of auryvedic medicine, Deepak opened my mind to new paths that I am still following today.

He reminds me of people like Michael Jordan, someone who gets into "the flow" of their life purpose and continues to grow, stretch, and lead their profession...opening the doors so that others can explore their full potential as well.

Slow down.

Love, peace.. David Essel

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