Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Success through Surrender

In a recent seminar a man raised his hand and asked why he had not reached a higher level of financial success, after all of the long hours, countless phone calls, and numerous networking events he went to weekly? " I bulldog my way through every week, and have been on this intense schedule for several years, but still find myself in the same income level! What do I need to do now?"

The answer I give to each client is the same...... the path to success is often found by doing the exact opposite in some ways than what we are doing right now.

In other words, surrender your "bulldog mentality", and replace it with confidence and a joyful approach to your work.

To the wife or husband who has been working hard to change their partner into a more positive thinker, surrender your approach. Just sit and be with them, regardless how challenging at first this might be.

To the person struggling with alcohol or nicotine, surrender the fight to stay sober, quit "white knuckling" it, quite forcing yourself every day past the drink, past the cigarette, and surrender to the cravings. Yes, just sit with them.

When we surrender to any situation, we are not giving up, but rather progressing forward, with a new mindset. Twelve step groups have mastered the art of surrender for people who are struggling with food, or any form of addiction, obsession.Find one in your area today.

Keep your positive mindset, set your goals, do the work each day, but with an attitude of acceptance to what is, surrender to what is........and watch your world, your income, your body, your life change for the better.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

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