Monday, February 9, 2009

Soul Mates: A Different Perspective

Through my interviews over the years with authors like Deepak Chopra, Barbara De Angelis and others, my perspective of what it means to be a "soul mate" has changed dramatically.

For the longest period of time , if someone was my soul mate, which I was lead to believe we all just have one, that our life together would truly be bliss. We would love each other at all times, and the relationship, if it was the real deal, would be close to effortless.

Since these early beginnings however, my beliefs have radically changed.

An example of this came over 10 years ago as I was talking to a knowledgeable counselor on this very topic, who blew my mind with her detailed explanation of a soul mate relationship she had just ended.

The man she had loved deeply was the exact opposite of anyone she could ever imagine herself with.

He drank heavily, while she was a non drinker.

He smoked, and she had abhorred smoking.

His religious beliefs were quite a contrast to her spiritual perspective.

Yet, without a doubt, this was a soul mate in her existence.

She explained that he was amazingly filled with a depth of spirit...a powerful sense of humor...a willingness to admit wrong instantly when an error in his judgement was brought to his attention..he was filled with humility, curiosity, and dedicated to serving mankind.

She went on to tell me all that she had learned from this amazing, and imperfect, being. How their hours of sitting in silence had brought them closer together than any other relationship she had ever had.

She learned the power of accepting someone who was quite different, yet filled with love. As she let the relationship go, she was blessed that another "soul mate" had lifted her up to a higher state of being, one filled with less judgement, more acceptance.

Slow down, and look for the "soul mate" experiences that you may have encountered, through past relationships that were divinely given to help you ascend in your life.

Peace, love, David Essel

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