Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakthrough to Success....Love, Money, Health

If we truly want to find the success we desire in any area of life , there are two key steps to follow.

1) We must know what we want and be able to FEEL that result right now, and

2) We must be able to create and follow through on at least 1 action step today, a conscious step that will lead us toward our desired goal.

So, if you want more love, a deeper love, a new relationship....let's FEEL that desire right now.

Sit, at this moment, and feel that love that you truly want.

If it's more money or greater health, the same applies.

Now, write down an action step that will lead you towards that desire.

It could be in the giving of love to someone else, that you find it.

It could be in the 1 extra phone call today for your business that you create additional income.

It could be in the walking through the health club door, that you finally find the resolve to stick with a workout plan.

Or, it could be in the SURRENDER to a higher power, a powerful acceptance step that you find more peace today.

FEEL what you want, then act.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

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