Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Your Mind...Friend or Foe? Freedom or Bondage?

The question that I want to ask everyone in the world right now is a simple one. Is your mind, are your thoughts, friendly or antagonistic to yourself?

No one can control, encourage, excite you like you can.

So, have you put yourself in mental bondage?

Are you focused daily mainly on all that is not perfect in your life?

Or, like the masters, have you finally found the answer to life , your joy, resides within your control?

Are you ready to take on this responsibility, and be responsible for what you think, read, watch, listen to?

We do become what we think about.......

Slow down.

Create the thoughts daily that will propel you forward.

That, is fully in your control.

Love, peace David Essel. www.talkdavid.com


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