Monday, February 9, 2009

"Soul Mates" 2..the Next Level

By far, the last blog on this topic has generated as much response as anything else I've ever written. A very hot topic indeed.

I think one of the key lessons I'm hearing and learning is to relinquish "who" has the potential to truly influence your life...your growth..when in comes to intimate relationships.

In other words...could it be possible that EVERYONE your have ever dated...or will ever a soul mate???

It seems to make a lot of sense, as anyone you or I have, or will, date, influences who we are and who we become.

One person may challenge your patience, while another may help you learn how to set healthy boundaries.

Someone else may be a great teacher for you sexually, yet another may be a reflection to you of your overpowering ego...or need to be right in all too many disagreements.

Some may show you the need to learn to fight for love...yet another may show you how to walk away with grace.

And then there is the one who mirrors your beauty in a fleeting comment. Another may help you go deeper on a spiritual path, and yet another may greatly influence how you raise kids or handle money. you see a pattern here?

Everyone you engage with intimately, regardless for how long, may just be a perfectly placed soul mate.

Slow down, and think about this.

As it means that every former lover, is an angel of love.

Love, peace David Essel

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  1. I too believe that we have many soulmates, as well. But I'm getting more and more evidence that there is only one twin soul. And it can be a come uppance beyond belief. You are so right to guide people to understanding that soulmates can rock your world. They may be the only ones who can. I have a theory that soulmates may actually be in service to the reuniting of the twin flame. This is not just a romantic notion, and in fact is probably the most frightening thing I can think of! Think about it...just toying with the idea is a mind meld...what if you found someone who was almost the total opposite of you and your ego was open enough to accept this and in fact embrace it? Wow!
    I found a very cool articles that sums up what I have been channeling and researching