Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Greatest Desire..Is Here Now..A Gift For Us All

At the end of a recent sermon I gave, where the topic was how to create the deepest of love...and how to not only experience this, but to share it as well...the most amazing , profound and beautiful thing happened.

I was given a gift, a gift that moved me so, so deeply that I had to continue on and share it with the congregation.

Now, this "gift" has been given to millions of people over time, and you have received this gift yourself numerous times in your life as well. But sometimes, in our training to see "all that is not working in our lives vs all that is perfect", we miss the gift.

The "gift", was a soft yet powerful voice that said directly to me.."you have it all right have the love within that you are the love that you seek...there's nothing else that matters..and you need not move out of this moment, this experience, this love ever..Quit the search, you are it, it is here, you are love, love is here now."

As I verbally shared the thoughts that were given to me in that moment with the congregation, as I shared the "gift", tears of gratitude streamed down my face.

Gratitude for love...for you....for me...for the ability to feel, to find, the reason for our existence.

I have often fallen victim to the trap that bliss, joy, happiness was just down the road, in a new home, an increase in income, my next partner, a better job......

When all along , bliss, joy ,happiness has been residing within, just waiting to be released, given to myself first and then shared with others.

Slow down.

What you and I are searching for, we already have.

Love, within, and all around us.

Embrace it today, in the mirror, in friends, in strangers.

Love, peace David Essel.

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