Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sensual Touch: The Key to Intimate Connection

Without a doubt, one of the keys to deepening our intimate connection with our partner is through the art of sensual touch. And it all begins with consciousness.

Science has shown us that people actually "starve to death", when they are void of human touch for long periods of time. During an interview with author Barbara Keesling, she explained that millions of hormones are released throughout the body just through the simple act of a touch, stroke, or hug. This sensual nourishment is important for our physical, emotional and psychological well being.

In relationship coaching, I have seen couples separate emotionally from each other when the relationship has just a minimal amount of sensual touch. And the converse is true as well. Healthy couples all have one thing in common, the conscious desire and daily follow through of the art of sensual touch.

Look at these simple yet effective examples:

...holding hands everywhere possible...

....stroking your lovers hair before bed...

...kissing, touching, and yes sucking on their toes...

Here's an exercise for you:

Lay naked next to your lover facing them, and run your fingers down the middle of their back. Go to the buttocks area, and allow your finger to run softly down the middle, underneath, and barely touch their genital area.

Continue up the front of their body, stomach, chest, to their lips, where you circle their lips with your finger. Repeat, and flow in the art of sensual touch.

Slow down. Deepen your intimate connection with your partner through the act of sensual touch.

Love, peace, David

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  1. Wow! I have never tried this exercise through sensual touch before! I will try this before i go
    to bed later.