Monday, March 19, 2012

Balancing the brain, with Brainstate: Lee Gerdes

If you've heard the several interviews I've done on my XM radio show with Lee Gerdes, author of the book "Limitless You", regarding how to balance our brains, you know that there is finally another tool to help people who are struggling with sleep issues, PTSD, anxiety, health issues and so much more.

If you have not heard these amazing discussions, please take a few minutes to watch this video, where I also share some of my experiences with the technology he created, that amazingly helps to balance the way our brain functions.

Since coming back from my sessions with Brian and Pete, who own and run Neuro Technologies of the Treasure Coast, in Port St. Lucie Florida, there have been more positive changes in the way I approach life, on top of what I share in the video.

First, it has been quite an eye opener to see how obsessive my thoughts can be, and are, throughout a normal day. I have such a better understanding of why my sleep has been so erratic over the years, and with this knowledge I have begun to minimize these thought patterns.

As an example, today when I arrived at the office, I noticed that I did not have the power cord packed for my PC. I decided to run it on battery only, but within 40 minutes the battery was shot. I looked at the clock and realized that my next client would be here in an hour, and that I would not be able to write this blog, do my sessions and have the type of productive day that I had needed.

Now, what happened next proves to me the power of the brain state training that I received from Brian and Pete.

Normally, I would have become frustrated, the type a that I am, (actually the truth is, it's my overactive left brain that keeps my frustration going) searched frantically for another power cord, hoping that I would not have to interrupt my day and drive all the way back home.

Instead, I found myself just calmly walking to my car, driving casually back home as I listened to ocean waves on my brain balance CD, and returned an hour later totally calm and ready to go!

For more info, visit, or the office I went to .

I love all of these guys, and will be going back for more brain training in the very near future.

What a blessing, love, David.

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