Monday, March 12, 2012

Life Mastery/Life Coach Course: 100% Guarantee?

Yes, once again Life Coach Universe is leading the field of Life Coach Certification organizations from around the world by offering the unthinkable: a 100% money back guarantee on all of our life coach courses, whether they are done in person or via tele-course.

Since 1996, our programs have been taken by people from all over the world, and we will continue to create new ways to help individuals to create the life they desire.

Here is the guarantee, that backs each of our programs:

"All of the Life Coach Universe programs: Life Coaching, Holistic Addiction Recovery, Public Speaking or Advanced Spiritual Studies, come with a 100% guarantee. If you take the course, do the work, hand in all written assignments by the end of the course, and do not feel you uncovered a major block in life, or discovered a key to enhancing your personal growth in at least one area of life, we will gladly refund your course fee. Since 1996, hundreds of people from around the world have taken these courses, and not one client has ever asked for their money back, simply because it works."

Join us today, visit or call 941 266 7676.

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