Friday, March 23, 2012

The benefits of working with a Life Coach: Success

Since 1991, when I began my work as a Life Coach, I have been asked a million times what the benefits are of working with someone like me. The amount of success I have seen over the years is absolutely staggering and beautiful.

If you truly want to be living a life of success, joy, inner peace, maybe free from an addiction, making more money, living a deeper spiritual path, finding real love or losing weight for good, read about my past clients below.

Tracy, lost 24 pounds in the 8 weeks we worked together, and to date has lost 80 pounds!

Howard, became sober after 30 years of an addiction to alcohol, and 3 years later, happier than ever.

Ben and Cathy recovered from an affair, now 3 years later more in love than they could have ever imagined.

Angela, doubled her income in 90 days of working together.

April, became a certified life coach, wrote a book, and deepened her love with her husband, after a year of working together.

Lynn, healed her marriage, deepened her spiritual path, opened a successful life coaching practice, and now leads groups on life transformation.

Our program can work just as effectively for you, regardless of what your goal is.

Visit or call us 941 266 7676 , we are ready to help you achieve your goals, right now.

Love, David

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