Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why all women, should be involved in women's groups.

Before I started leading support groups and groups on personal growth for men and women, I had really no idea of the power of such groups.

Now, after years of being both a participant and leader, I can say that everyone should be involved in one of these groups on a regular basis.

Women, can gain so much by supporting other women in their dreams , goals, and challenges, by sitting, quietly, and listening. No advice, no comments, just listening.

Now thus maybe different then the type of groups you are used to, but I promise, they offer incredible results.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Google support groups until you find the one right for you. Contact me if you'd like to start your own, and I can offer training to help you create an atmosphere that leads to success.

Love, david

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