Sunday, March 18, 2012

"War, death, the economy, I feel helpless David"

Before my weekly XM radio show this week, we received an email that started like this, "War, death, the economy, I feel helpless David".

The email went on to say that even though he has surrounded himself with positive thinking for 30 years, it's beginning to wear off.

"I told my wife today, that I do not think the world will recover. There's too much pain, David, am I alone? do your other listeners feel the same"

How about you? How do you handle a world filled with all of this tragedy?

Are you hopeful, negative?

What are you doing to try to stay positive? Is it working?

We need people to share what is working for them. Feel free to pass this blog on, to get people thinking, acting, in maybe a different way.

The callers to our show shared that they need to stay on top of their thoughts in order to make it through each day.

What would you recommend to help people who feel hopeless?

We need, the world needs, your input.

Love, david

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